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Towel weights are measured in Grams per Square Meter (GSM). It is an industry standard measurement (g / m2) that defines the density of the material from the total yarn count and the thickness of the yarn. This relates to the weight of the cotton woven in a square meter towel.

The GSM of a towel can play a vital role in the selection process. Low GSM (<400) towels are light and thin because they are less absorbent but depending on your purpose of use, you might want a lower GSM towel; i.e. kitchen towel or a beach towel. Higher GSM (400-600) towels are thicker and heavier. Towels with GSM 500 or higher would be softer and more absorbent which would be better choice as a bath or hand towel.

The higher the GSM, the better the towel performance.

Our product range includes;

600 GSM Hand and Bath Towels
430 GSM  Bathrobes
400 GSM Kids and Baby Bathrobes, Hooded Towels and Mitts.