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Our reputation for quality is the combination of best materials and resources that are harmonized in an environmentally friendly way.

Since we are obsessed with quality and comfort, we are obsessed with sustainability.

Our aim is to enlighten industry and our customers about how to live sustainable. 

We've minimized the negative environmental impact from the beginning of our design process until our products are received by our customers.It includes the selection of raw materials, production techniques and even our beautiful packaging. 

All of our products are OEKO-TEX & STeP certified and free from substances that are harmful to humans and the environment.

We are aiming to reduce unnecessary consumption via sourcing long lasting materials like AIR TOUCH ® and avoiding unnecessary packaging.

We choose environmentally friendly and recyclable substances to pack our products, such as; %90 recycled material box and FSC certified paper cards, Acid-free materials, and water-based ink.  %100 of our packaging is recyclable. Therefore we encourage our customers to reuse our blooming box, for example, to store your little ones memories or for storage and then recycle responsibly.

We feel like we are on a journey with our costumers and partners to protect the environment as much as we can while experiencing cozy lifestyle.